Panel: How to Find and Retain Future Talents?

Panel: How to Find and Retain Future Talents?

The global hunt for top talent is not news anymore. In this panel, we will dig deeper into what kind of environment will attract and thrive talents. Who are the winners and losers of the global competition? What kind of global talent is needed and hunted tomorrow? How can we thrive future talents, and what kind of environment attracts international talents?

Leonardo Ortega, one of the panellists, is from Mexico and a manager of the International House of Estonia (Work in Estonia) that provides a wide range of essential information, consultations and state services for international newcomers and local employers.

Ortega says that although paperwork and the organisation of daily family life are much easier in Estonia than in some other countries, many people still have additional questions, which means they spend too much time running from one public institution to another. That’s why we have the International House of Estonia, to get all the necessary information with services from one place.

Speaking at: Future Conference
Language: English
Theme: Future talent: Smart talent
Location: Main venue, Rakett 69, Valukoja 12, Tallinn
Time: 9th of Sept. 10.15 – 11.45

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