Discovering Tours

Discovering Tours

Wednesday 8th of September

Thursday 9th of September

Friday 10th of September

This is an opportunity for everyone interested to explore the Tallinn Old Town, Ülemiste City and International House of Estonia. Please register beforehand to participate in any of the tours.

International House of Estonia / e-Residency Tour
Get acquainted with the International House of Estonia as a unified service centre for foreigners, and learn about the e-residency of Estonia as a No. 1 digital country in the world.
This tour takes place on the 8th of September from 4 PM till 5 PM.

Tallinn Old Town Tour
Take a look at Tallinn Old Town, which is world-famous for being the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe, boasting Gothic spires, winding cobblestone streets and enchanting architecture. You’ll get to learn fascinating stories from the past and visit the Folk Arts and Crafts Association shop.
This tour takes place on the 9th of September from 5.30 PM till 7.30 PM. The number of participants is limited, and the tour takes place when there are at least five registered participants.

Ülemiste City Tour
Get to know one of the smartest, coolest and talent-centric business campuses in North Europe through an interactive digital game. It’s a fun and inspiring experience to not miss out on.
This tour takes place on the 10th of September from 9 AM till 10 AM.

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