Future Co-Creation

Future Co-Creation

Wednesday 8th of September

Future Co-Creation by Fujitsu Estonia

What is the purpose of this event?
This Ülemiste City Co-Creation workshop aims at contributing to the development of the campus on its way to becoming an even more human-centric, innovative, cool and fun place where people enjoy working and spending their time. We will explore the current challenges and future solutions through the user’s eyes.

Why should you attend?
If you’d like to work in a place that inspires you daily, supports your growth and doesn’t feel like just an office, join the workshop! We’ll hack our brains about two main topics:

  • How can we improve and maintain the social health of our community?
    Research shows that more people are getting lonely nowadays due to their own choice and the COVID-19 pandemic. But communicating with others and social well-being helps us live longer, and is a vital cornerstone of mental health. How can we emphasise this in our community, and what clever solutions can we find so we’ll have less loneliness and more unity?
  • How to motivate our community to choose an alternative mode of transportation over a personal car?
    13 000 people are working, studying and living on our campus, of whom ca 5000 comes every day to work alone by car. Our goal is to change that by developing an environment that supports alternative transportation, and by 2030, we plan to have a car-free campus centre. How can we move towards that goal together with our community and encourage everyone to come to work by foot, public transport, or bike?

Who should attend?
This is for everyone who works, moves, consumes services here, and gets to experience this space in one way or another. No other pre-requisites are set!

Universum conference room, Valukoja 8