About Event

Ülemiste City Future Forum 2023 – how to create a smart future?

Future Forum is an international business conference organized in Ülemiste City and it’s purpose is to take participants on a journey focusing on building a data-driven business environment and urban space with the following sub-themes:
• Information & Data Developments
• Green Transition in Business
• Talent & Health

Future Forum is finding an answer to the question: “How can we create a smarter and more exciting future together?” One the first day it will bring on stage 5 different keynote speakers. In addition to that, 3 panels will be taking place, each of which will have 5-6 participants. All the speakers are both international and Estonian. Each panel has been built with a different structure and will have exciting content and including Q & A. On the second day of Future Forum there is possibility to participate EduFest – 45-minute long lectures in parallel four rooms are bringing together many intriguing and educational topics about innovation, data, talents and green future solutions.

Purpose & results – why we need Future Forum?

The main goal of the event is to bring multifaceted innovation into Estonia and the Ülemiste City campus by bringing together international great ideas and valuable talents, businesses, students, colleagues and to increase Estonia’s reputation as a host country for international conferences.

In five years, Future Forum will be one of the most vibrant and sustainable innovation-related events in our region, which will bring together many great international ideas, valuable talents and businesses and which foreign visitors will look forward to attending.
As a result of the project, at least 50 foreign visitors will attend the conference, at least 18 Estonian and foreign higher education institutions’s representors will participate, at least 4 student teams of Hack4Future and Ecohack will continue to tackle the challenges of the hackathons. Both small and mid-sized businesses are involved in servicing the visitors of the conference (accommodation, catering) and you can find the endless possibilities at futureforum.ee in Visitor section.

This big step towards better and smarter future is supported by European Regional Development Fund, Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

The amount of the endorsement is 30,000 €.