How to get to Tallinn?

By plane

Through Tallinn and Rīga. Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is located right next to Ülemiste City. Riga International Airport is connected with Tallinn through Lux Express buses.

By ferry

The ferry ride from Helsinki will take around 2-2.5 hours, and the trip from Stockholm to Tallinn is a 12-hour overnight ferry ride. The following ferry operators service the lines. Tallinn port is located a 15-minute walk from the city centre.

Tallink Silja

Eckerö Line

Viking Line

More information about ferry lines and tickets is available via the links below: – can see all ferry ticket options, administrated by Estravel (Estonian travel agency)

By bus

Several international coaches are passing through Estonia from central Europe, Russia and the Baltics. These are some of the main commercial operators:




Further information about international bus schedules is available at T-Pilet.

How to get to Ülemiste City?

By bike or e-scooter

There are different bike rentals in Tallinn, but it’s also easy and fun to come by an e-scooter by Bolt or Tuul.

See a list of bike rentals and read more information from the Visit Tallinn website.

By public transport

There’s an option to come by tram or by bus. The public transport network operates from 6:00 to 23:00 daily and some lines until 24:00. See the public transport timetables for further information. Find more information about tickets from the Visit Tallinn website.

By taxi or a ridesharing app

Taxis can be found lined up at taxi stands (in front of larger hotels and at some key intersections) and can be ordered on the phone or via various mobile apps.

Several ridesharing and taxi-ordering apps are available in Estonia:

Bolt: both verified private as well as professional taxi drivers
Tulika: professional taxi drivers only
Uber: private drivers only
Forus: private drivers only

Read more about getting a taxi in Tallinn from the Visit Tallinn website.