R8 Technologies is a growing technology company that is focused on the real estate and energy sectors. We have created the first digital employee R8 Digital Operator Jenny for commercial real estate to achieve optimized building operations. Through intelligent energy control of building technical systems it achieves the desired indoor climate with minimal costs. In addition, it ensures that customers have an overview of their building condition and are able to utilize all its hidden possibilities. Adopting the tool is simple, fast, and does not require additional investments.

R8 Digital Operator Jenny is an artificial intelligence that controls the technical (HVAC) systems of modern commercial buildings, keeping in mind three main parameters – better indoor climate, higher energy efficiency, and longevity of technical systems. R8 Digital Operator achieves a minimum of 15% and potentially more than 30% energy savings. The average energy saving is about 25%.

R8 Technologies activity is based on three keywords – save, earn, and enjoy. Achieving the global CO2 targets is possible with technology and engineering.

In addition, R8 Technologies offers a regulation service (demand response) to its customers using the R8 Virtual Power Plant, which allows them to earn additional income from balancing the electrical power network on the frequency market in sync with the Digital Operator without having to lose energy savings or a good indoor climate.

R8 Technologies has included the best in the fields of real estate, energy, and IT in the company – 8 employees of the product development department are HVAC and IT experts with a Doctoral level degree. In total, there are more than 40 people in the team.

R8 Technologies has currently a customer base in 15 countries and operations across Europe.

The size of the real estate portfolio managed by the R8 Digital Operator is currently more than 2 million sqm’s of commercial space – mainly large shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, and public sector buildings. 


Shopping centers: Ülemiste Centre, Rocca al Mare Centre, Viru Centre, Kristiine Centre – the four largest shopping centres in Estonia.

Hotels: Radisson Blu, Viru Hotel.

Office buildings: Skyon, Swedbank

Public sector buildings: eight buildings of State Real Estate Ltd., university buildings in Estonia, Aalto University of Technology (FIN).

To date, more than 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced with the R8 solution. The technology created by R8 helps to reduce energy consumption and thereby meet various climate agreements and goals.