Norwegian AI expert Elin Hauge: “Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence should be mandatory for every leader.”

Norwegian AI expert Elin Hauge: “Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence should be mandatory for every leader.”

At the beginning of May, among others, Elin Hauge, an internationally acknowledged Norwegian artificial intelligence expert, speaker and business advisor, will speak at the Ülemiste City Future Forum conference. According to her, the impact of artificial intelligence on society is comparable to the invention of the car.

“Artificial intelligence will significantly change business in the near future. Its use and understanding will become as common as computer literacy. Therefore, basic knowledge of artificial intelligence will soon be mandatory for every leader. The change has started and will only continue – artificial intelligence fundamentally affects both businesses and people’s lives,” Hauge gives an idea of what she is talking about.

According to her, artificial intelligence is the most transformative technological development in human history, compared to the invention and introduction of cars. Today, however, it is clear that in addition to the opportunities, there are additional risks to be considered with this new technology.

“In Ülemiste City, we have been using artificial intelligence since 2018, when we applied it to identify free parking spaces and guide people. Later, we replaced it with artificial intelligence from Estonian start-up Fyma, and we can further analyse the mobility of the entire campus – cars, cyclists, pedestrians, and plan the environment, infrastructure and services based on the data,” comments Ursel Velve, Chief Innovation Officer of Ülemiste City and Chairman of the Board of Mainor Ülemiste.

In addition, the indoor climate operator Jenny, developed by the company R8 Technologies, is used, which helps to provide the best and most energy-efficient indoor climate in the campus buildings. “Our Öpik building was one of the first buildings where Jenny was trained and piloted. We see Ülemiste City as a value-creating community of infrastructure, data and testers, where innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence can be born. To contribute to the success stories of Estonian innovation, having the potential to conquer the whole world, we will launch the Ülemiste City Test City service this spring,” added Velve and acknowledged that bringing a speaker of such importance to the event is very much expected.

Elin Hauge will speak at the Ülemiste City Future Forum on Wednesday, May 10 at 9:45. In addition, other industry leaders, experts and visionaries from home and abroad can be seen and heard at the event.

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