Tuesday 9th of May

Event for 12-16-year-old students

What is the purpose of this event? 
EcoHack is a half-a-day event hosted by the International School of Tallinn and designed to challenge students to develop innovative ideas to tackle environmental issues. 

Why is the event necessary? 
It’s a perfect chance for youngsters to hack their brains for a greener and better environment for all of us. They’ll team up with other students to develop new innovative solutions that could solve environmental issues. It’s an event to inspire them to think about the future from an ecological and sustainable perspective and determine how everyone can impact their surroundings.

Who should attend?
English-speaking students from the age of 12 to 16 from all the schools in Tallinn.

How does it work?
The students are divided into groups where they will focus on on sustainability challenges presented by the mentors.

Each group formed in the hackathon is expected to present a well-developed idea by the end of the day. The presentations should include a description of the proposed solution, a development timeline, budget and financing options. 


10:00–10:30 Introduction (mentors present the challenges) 

10:30– 11:00 Initial pitches (by individual students) and team formation 

11:00–12:00 Teamwork 

12:00–12:30 Lunch break  

12:30– 14:00 Teamwork continues 

From 14.00 Mentors will visit the teams as they continue to work and give them feedback 

15:00–15:30 Teams pitch Ideas 

15:30–15:45 Mentors deliberate 

15:45–16:00 Winners announced 

*The schedule is subject to change. 


Contact for participants:
Jevgeni Filatov

Contact for partners, mentors and collaborators: 
Larissa Barbosa Curi