Wednesday 8th of September

Thursday 9th of September

What is the purpose of this event? 
Two-day international hackathon where talented students solve real-life business challenges presented by Ülemiste City companies. 

Why is the event necessary?
This is a chance for students to get a foot in the door of a smarter future by hacking different business challenges. Also, it’s a great way to learn, collaborate and network with other students, universities or companies at the coolest smart business campus in the region.

Who should attend? 
University students who wish to solve real-life business challenges and create the future together.

*The program will be updated and may change (for better) in the future. :)

Universities attending:
Arcada University of Applied Sciences
Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
Jönköping University
Tallinn University
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
University of Tartu
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences