Future Forum

Future Forum

DAY 1 (Future Conference)

Wednesday, May 10




Venue Opens

Morning Coffee & Light Breakfast

Opening Words by Johannes Tralla

Session 1: Future Trends


Keynote: Future of Mobility – Who is in the Driver’s Seat?

Nicolas Derbin (FRA), Managing Director of CARIAD Estonia, is a company leader with an entrepreneurial mindset who likes creating group dynamics around a common objective and jumping between strategy definition and operational implementation.


Keynote: Why should Artificial Intelligence Be in Every Leader’s Mind?

Elin Hauge (NOR), AI and Business Strategist, has built bridges between business and data-driven technologies for more than 20 years, with AI as her main area of focus since 2016. Through her work with business leaders and tech entrepreneurs, she has developed an exceptional ability to connect the dots between business strategy and the application of AI.

Session 2: Innovation and Data


Introduction to Innovation & Data


Keynote: Business View – Smart Future, it’s Up to Us

Jukka Patrikainen (FIN), Managing Director of ABB Baltic was appointed to the role of Managing Director of ABB Baltic Countries in 2017 and since 2023 he helds the role of Lead Business Manager in ABB Motion for Baltic countries. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency are both at the heart of ABB strategy.



Video break: “What is Future?”


What are the top trends in data in 10 years’ perspective? What kind of value can a data-driven innovation bring to society as a whole? What must private companies prepare themselves for? Who should lead data-driven developments? How can we encourage data-based law-making? How soon will AI support the data-driven economy?


Enn Laansoo (EST), CEO and Founder, Elmo

Gert Jervan (EST), Dean at Tallinn University of Technology, TalTech
Kristi Helekivi (EST), Head of Data Science, Eurora
Kristjan Raid (EST), Head of Business Technology, Estonian Tax and Customs Board
Merilyn Press (EST), Sales Director, Kone

Sille Sepp (EST), Director of Operations, MyData Global


Lunch & Expo

Session 3: Talent and Health




Introduction to Talent & Health


Keynote: The Next Innovation Horizons for the Pharma Industry

Thomas Metcalfe works in Roche’s Personalised Healthcare (PHC) global ecosystems team which is part of the Roche Pharma PHC. His work focuses on healthcare system partnerships related to PHC, Value Based Healthcare and public private partnerships. He represents Roche within the European Federation of Pharma Industry Associations (EFPIA) Innovation Committee and is the Roche lead in the IMI Health Outcomes Observatories (H2O) project. 


Keynote: From Metaverse to Quantum Computing: Why Leaders Should Focus on the Future of Healthcare?

Ilona Ylinampa (FIN) works as Deputy Managing Director of Fujitsu Finland. She has extensive experience in IT and technology business, from growth companies to international corporations. Ilona Ylinampa has also been awarded as Sales Director Of The Year 2019 in Finland and selected as TOP 100 IT Influencers of Finland in 2021 and 2022.



Which megatrends are affecting the field of healthcare? How sustainable is the national healthcare system considering trends? What will be the role of the state, employer and talent in securing health in the future? What does the digitalization of healthcare entail, and what kind of changes must organizational leaders adapt to? How to lead teams?


Berit Vals (EST), Head of Compensation & Benefits, Veriff
Ivo Fridolin (EST), Prof. at Tallinn University of Technology, TalTech

Siim Saare (EST), CEO & Co-Founder, Activate Health
Tiia Ilves (EST), CEO and Board Member, Reitan Convenience Estonia

Ville Väärälä (FIN), Head of Sales, Fujitsu Finland

Erki Mölder (EST), Co-Founder, Health Founders


Coffee & Expo

Session 4: Green Transition in Business


Introduction video


Keynote: Enabling the Industry of Tomorrow with Green Hydrogen

Jan Grolig (GER) is Chief Operating Officer at Stargate Hydrogen, where he is responsible for the product and production development of alkaline electrolysers. Stargate Hydrogen is an Estonian company that develops and sells alkaline electrolysers using precious metal-free catalysts, which are characterized by high electrical efficiency and low costs.



How to accelerate the green transition in business and take tangible steps towards sustainability? What are the best examples and practices from the world? Does a rapid green transition automatically mean an increase in prices? How to get society to consume responsibly and make sustainable decisions?

Andres Veske (EST), Chairman of the Council, Green Tiger

Remo Kirss (EST), CEO, DPD Estonia

Simmo Soomets (EST), CEO, Thermory

Anu Ruul (EST), Innovation process trainer and lecturer, Cleveron

Nate Morris (USA), Chairman and CEO of Morris Industries / Founder of Rubicon Technologies, Inc.

Yrjö Ojasaar (EST), Investment Partner, Change Ventures


Conference Conclusions


Cocktails & Networking: Tallinn European Green Capital Reception & Puuluup

Reception organized by EXPO Tallinn team. Meet & greet with fellow technology enthusiasts and hear about the upcoming Greentech Week happening in Tallinn.

Puuluup is a duo – Ramo Teder and Marko Veisson. A pinch of surrealism, modern folklore and talharpa revival! The old and the new stick together like water and sleet in Puuluup’s oeuvre.

*The program will be updated.

DAY 2 (EduFest)

Thursday, May 11

In a total of eight sessions, in each session, you can choose between four different topics and presenters.

REGISTER HERE, IT’S FREE: https://edufest.ulemistecity.ee/

*The program will be updated.